About Us

Are you looking for a superior beverages? How about some delightful day-to-day customer service? You've found what you're looking for! Here at Jerry’s Liquor Store, we provide a friendly, professional, and comfortable environment for anyone and everyone. You can find us in Santa Monica, CA, where we are conveniently located for all residents.

From wines to greeting cards, we carry what you are looking for. A special occasion planned? We can help you find exactly what you're seeking by suggesting beverages and items that meet your taste, budget, and expectations.

Knowledgeable and confident, our Team Members can suggest specific drinks for anything from particular glassware to precise foods. Whether you are searching for an under the radar diamond, a highly recommended beverage, a name you recognize, or just a tasty and inexpensive bottle to drink, we are committed to assisting you so together we can find that perfect drink for you.

Determined to offer the best we can, we are capable of answering any questions and are more than happy to direct you to a desirable purchase. Whether you are new to the wine world and would like an experts perspective on which beverages to purchase or an aficionado who just needs directions to the right isle, we can help.

Budgets are not a problem for us to meet as we offer fair prices on quality items. It is time to redefine the wine lifestyle through altering the ideas associated with wine and the purchase of such.

Our online shopping offers a convenient, fast, and affordable way to glance at our vast selection. It is like an extension of our physical store. Our website is a modern way to find what you need equipped with a search bar that can direct you to a page of results related to exactly what you're hoping for.

With eye-catching images and informational notes, you are able to view and select the right beverages and items for you with confidence and satisfaction. No matter where you are located in the states, our selection is available to you.

We ship anywhere in the U.S. Not only is superior customer service a goal for us, but responsible service is as well. We do not sell to minors under any circumstances, and recommend at all times that our customers drink responsibly at all times. We are looking forward to your business.